Pathways Class






 Our Pathways Class is designed to help people understand what Clay Center Christian Church is all about. This starts with on Mission: Helping people know and love Jesus. Our Mission comes from the mission mandate given by Jesus to His followers in Matthew 28:18-20, which is often called the Great Commission. Our goal is to get everyone at CCCC on a Pathway to accomplish our Mission. Our Pathways are CONNECT, GROW, INVITE, and SERVE. We want to CONNECT you to Jesus and His people. We want to GROW in our relationship with Jesus. We want to INVITE others to know and love Jesus. We want to SERVE the church, the community and the world with the message of Jesus. We encourage everyone that calls CCCC their home church to go through our Pathways Class. If you wish to become a member of CCCC, our Pathways Class is a step towards membership. Contact Nathan Brands at (402)-762-3824 or for more information.

New to Clay Center Christian Church and thinking about membership? Then our Pathways Class is for you! Our next class will be Sunday, November 5, following the Worship Service. Enjoy lunch, and learn about our church's mission, structure, and pathways to Jesus. For more information, contact the church office at 402-762-3824 or