Luke Reading Plan

The next 5 weeks offers a snapshot of Luke, touching on some of the major topics in the gospel. We pray you will join us as we grow together learning how Jesus is really for everyone.



Luke Reading Plan:          


**March 18-23, Read: Chapters 16-17, Text: Luke 17:11-19, March 24, Topic: Blessing


**March 25-30, Read: Chapters 18-19, Text: Luke 18:9-14, March 31, Topic: Humility, Prayer

**April 1-6, Read: Chapters 20-21, Text: Luke 22:39-46, April 7, Topic: Jesus’ Sacrifice, Prayer


**April 8-13, Read: Chapters 22-23, Text: Luke 23:39-43, April 14, Topic: Repentance, Witnessing

**April 15-20, Read: Chapter 24, Text: Luke 24:13-35, April 21, Topic: Christ in the Old Testament